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Many companies today are searching for ways to put more balance into their balance sheets. One of the best solutions is to eliminate their selected long-term liabilities.

The first step is to understand the long-term effects and costs that carrying escalating liabilities has on the corporate cash position. This insight is common sense but rarely common practice.

The second step is to use ROLE Model™, a unique way to understand the dynamics of liability transfer. ROLE Model is a simple and powerful way to examine risk and rewards. Using our model, our clients benefit from a prudent strategy to clean their balance sheets, improve their cash flow, and discharge their duties for their claims.

The ROLE Model includes four elements: corporate or government agency liabilities, shareholder or stakeholder dividend expectations on equity, the status of the claimants’ demands, and the impact of settlement and distribution through an institutional transfer account to manage cash flow over time.

Will the ROLE Model work for you? Using its proven discipline, LTC will employ our consultative approach to analyze your situation and provide the best Return on your Liabilities & Equity.

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